Common Myths About CIPP


Cured-in-place pipe repair has become a go-to for many property managers. Word of mouth about jobs well done has brought more and more people into the conversation, yet not everyone fully understands how the process works.  In some cases, there have been misconceptions about CIPP repair, and questions on how this approach can solve problems… Continue reading Common Myths About CIPP

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How to Choose a CIPP Contractor?


Choosing a CIPP contractor can be difficult. As these services are slowly becoming more common, there can be fierce competition between firms. This is what to look for in the right CIPP contractor. Choose the right firm and get the job done!  Professional Experience CIPP is a broad field. There are a lot of uses… Continue reading How to Choose a CIPP Contractor?

Don’t Destroy Your Landscape: CIPP Pipeline Repair


Pipelines tend to last longer than many other structures, but that doesn’t mean they last forever. There comes a time when pipelines have to be either repaired or replaced. When this time comes, there is a big choice to make between traditional or modern methods. Traditional pipeline repair methods involve exposing the damaged pipeline by… Continue reading Don’t Destroy Your Landscape: CIPP Pipeline Repair

How Durable Is CIPP Rehabilitation?


Pipelines in Dallas, Texas have to endure mass amounts of pressure and usage each and every day. Just like any other big city, Dallas’ pipelines are responsible for carrying daily essentials to and from commercial areas. However, with so much wear and tear these pipelines often require rehabilitation. With traditional pipeline rehabilitation methods, this could… Continue reading How Durable Is CIPP Rehabilitation?